By Kelby Zendejas

Laura and Brent Smith have owned and operated Chaney’s Pharmacy on Bramlett Boulevard with class and innovation for over four decades. 

Chaney’s Pharmacy, located at 501 Bramlett Boulevard off of University Avenue has become a staple for Oxford residents and visitors to step foot in, as its offerings to the community are much more than pharmaceuticals. Located inside Chaney’s are shelves of toiletry must-haves, a frozen yogurt section, a spa with specialists, a perfectly curated gift shop area, and a coffee shop. 

Standing tall as one the city’s last home-grown pharmacies, Chaney’s started its innovation journey in response to the mass amount of local chains coming to the area. According to Laura Smith, Chaney’s has led Oxford through its adaptability and excellent customers. 

“Over the course of the last 43 years, we have strived to remain forward thinking in all areas of our pharmacy,” Smith said. “We continue to look toward the future by innovating new ideas and products while networking with others in our field.”

The Smiths married in 1980, however the pair met in 1978 when Brent was already managing Chaney’s under previous owner, Mr. James Hogue. Brent also grew up working in Greenwood, Mississippi at the Chaney’s Pharmacy under Mr. B.C Chaney – hence Chaney’s Pharmacy. 

The greatness of Chaney’s Pharmacy wouldn’t have been possible without Brent and Laura’s exposure to the pharmacy profession at such a young age. The pair graduated from the University of Mississippi’s prestigious pharmacy school, and joined Laura’s father as an Ole Miss Pharmacy grad. 

Brent’s father, the late Bob Smith retired after a successful 45-year career with McKesson Drug Co., where he was named National Pharmaceutical Wholesale Rep of the Year. Bob won the recognition not only once, but twice in the span of his time there. 

At this time, there are nine pharmacists in the Smith’s immediate family. The generations of greatness shows itself in the amount of respect and service the Oxford location gets from the community. 

“Chaney’s Pharmacy’s endless availability which is extended to their customers and patients is one of the many qualities that sets them apart from the rest of the retail pharmacy ‘field,’” Smith said. “Our staff, which is second to none, gives their very best to help the needs of the Oxford and Lafayette County communities.”

Brent and Chaney have expanded the pharmacy profession to their own children as well. 

Son Bart Smith has expanded the services offered in the pharmacy department. Included in these services are medication synchronization, expanding the immunization program and Chronic Disease Management. 

Their daughter, Aynslee Smith works as an interior designer who assists with marketing, visual merchandising, and is a buyer for the store. She is responsible for curating many of the unique and unusual items offered in the home and gift area of the store, which has the atmosphere of a specialty boutique.

With innovations in its interior design, its products on the shelves, and its integrated pharmaceutical services, Chaney’s Pharmacy’s greatness is never ending and is still standing. The local pharmacy continues to serve the city of Oxford humbly and with support that ripples through the community. 

“We are so appreciative of and humbled by the continued support given to us by our community,” Smith said. “They inspire and motivate us daily and enable us to continue to provide excellent services and products.”