By Rebecca Alexander

Very few cities in the state of MIssissippi have a Certified Retirement Program as Oxford has. 

Oxford has a lot of great attributes that retirees look for – a college town, a literary culture, low crime, close to a big city. What other cities don’t have is Rosie Vasello who is so passionate about  helping people make the move to Oxford. 

Rosie Vasello has been the  Retiree Attraction Program Director with the Oxford Lafayette Chamber of Commerce for the past ten years. She is a tireless cheerleader for how great Oxford is as a place to relocate for retirement, and also helps newcomers acclimate to all there is to do here. 

Oxford has been featured in national and regional publications as one of the best spots in the country to retire such as Southern Living, USA Today and Home and Garden and Mid-South Magazine. Rosie Vassallo is ready with information to help people find the right place to put down roots in Oxford.

Jon Maynard, President and CEO for the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation noted “Rosie is running the program upon which the EDF was founded. She continues to build on our 30 year history of making people the priority in our economic development strategy. She’s creating the future for the program by being innovative in how she develops opportunities to make our community more attractive for people looking for the next chapter in their lives.”