A Holiday Dinner with Chef Kevin Mitchell

Why wait for January to try something new?


Holiday meals are highly ritualized. Each family has their particular way of preparing the feast, from who roasts the turkey to what kind of mayonnaise goes into the potato salad. Still, a new dish can breathe fresh life into these gatherings—and perhaps give birth to a new tradition.

We asked Chef Kevin Mitchell for his take on a hearty holiday dinner approachable enough for the home cook. Never one to tread the beaten path, Kevin’s collection of recipes incorporates familiar components of Southern cooking with inspiring twists.

Treat your family to a holiday dinner overhaul, or take a dish or two to your next potluck.

“I always tell people that a recipe is a road map with that I encourage you to cook with your tastes. If you want to use a little more or less of an ingredient, have at it! Cook from your heart.”— Chef Kevin Mitchell

Fairytale Pumpkin & Fuji Apple Soup

White Flint Corn Grits

Black-eyed Peas & Greens

Roasted Rack of Pork

Rum Braised Pineapple & Blackberries

Special thanks to Chef Kevin Mitchell, Emily and Daniel Blount, Victoria De Leone, Neon Pig Oxford, Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company, Anson Mills, Oxford Community Farmers Market and Midtown Farmers Market for their contributions to this feature.