By Jace Henderson

For more than 100 years, there has been one place in Lafayette County you can count on for catfish, Owners Lynn Hewlett and Sarah Margaret Hewlett carry on the tradition that continues to make Taylor Grocery a landmark.  

 As you walk through the door of Taylor Grocery & Restaurant the mouthwatering aroma of catfish dishes trickles through the air.  The walls are filled with a history of signatures and messages from satisfied customers who left their mark years ago. 

Taylor Grocery welcomes diners with food options to rest their rumbling bellies and ice-cold sweet tea to wash it down. While sitting at the red-checkered clothed tables thumbing your way through the menu, the renowned Mississippi Farm Raised Catfish can’t help but catch your eye. 

This catfish is offered any way you like it. From blackened or grilled to small, full, and large fillets to whole catfish plates, they have you covered but don’t skip the appetizers. The savory appetizers including boneless buffalo wings, rotel cheese fries, and chicken & shrimp gumbo to name a few, are a great way to begin the course. 

Just when you think you’ve finished your food, the dessert options shouldn’t be an afterthought. Miss Minnie’s peach cobbler, Deb’s chocolate cobbler, or Rah’s pecan pie will hit the spot after your belt feels tighter and your buttons begin to pop. It is not just the food done right, but the welcoming southern hospitality that comes with it that makes Taylor so special. 


A catfish plate at Taylor Grocery, on Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Taylor, Miss. (©Bruce Newman)