By John Cofield

Some of the best memories of home come from the old eateries and haunts of our youth. Oxford had more than its share. 

We ripped and ran through Kiamie’s with Joy to the World keeping the beat. At the center of it all was the motherly Miss Mae Helen Flowers. She has our everlasting love and respect for her warm-hearted advice and guidance. 

For a fine dinner, it was just silent bragging to take out-of-town friends and park on the Square and walk on down Jackson Avenue to The Warehouse restaurant. The dark wood, stained glass, red table clothes, with an all-star menu and unforgettable atmosphere. Many remember it was the best restaurant Oxford ever had. 

After dinner and Kiamie’s, late night was one of the town’s best times to be Oxford. Ron Shapiro led the parade that was the Hoka’s 20-year run. Rocky Horror playing in the theater, top-shelf cheesecake and cinnamon coffee being served in the cafe, Barton on the projector, and Ron on his stage is treasured by thousands of Ole Miss alums and Oxford folks.