How long have you and your family been in real estate in Oxford?

Lauren and I both got our licenses while we were undergraduates at Ole Miss in 2005, so we’ve been hard at it for about 19 years. 

Help us understand what is expected of a listing agent.

A listing agent should be very experienced in many things, including exposure, marketing reach and research, and financial wherewithal. It’s vital that clients can trust their real estate professional to do the very best job in purchasing or selling a home.

What tips do you have for staging homes?

Less is more. It’s important to have countertops clear of clutter. Also, sprucing up and clearing away all areas of the home helps buyers see the potential in that space. It’s also important to correct any deficiencies. First impression is everything, so it’s worth the time and money to get your property looking its best.

What should buyers do to ensure they are prepared to make an offer when the time is right?

First, the most crucial part is to make sure you choose the right real estate professional, one who knows the current market’s landscape. Another important step is to have a pre-approval letter from a local lender, which can help put you in front of the line with a seller.

What do you expect to see in real estate trends in 2024? 

In my two decades of working in real estate, I’ve never seen the market so imbalanced as it has been and still is right now. The demand is so high, and there is a low availability of homes to satisfy the growth we’re seeing. I think that will continue, so it’s crucial real estate professionals keep an eye on their markets, know what’s available and know what their clients want.

Do you think Ole Miss Athletics will affect these trends? 

Absolutely. Ole Miss Athletics are very important to the Oxford market. People want second or third homes here because they are invested in the university in one way or another. We are lucky that the University of Mississippi, and Ole Miss Athletics particularly, put Oxford on the map with sports enthusiasts. When Ole Miss is winning, Oxford remains in the national spotlight, which introduces others to our region. It’s put Oxford on the radar, and the projected growth of the city will continue. Football, baseball, and basketball, as well, keep Oxford in the news and it’s free advertising for the real estate market.

What makes a living in Oxford so special? 

Oxford is a great place to call home. It’s also a great place to raise a family. It has that big city vibe with excellent opportunities to experience high-caliber sports, schools, music, and restaurants. It has all the conveniences, but it’s still like a small town with great neighbors and lower crime statistics. It’s just a lifestyle here that’s difficult to explain. That’s why it’s great to visit it for yourself and see what Oxford has to offer. It’s growing so fast, too, which keeps real estate with a lower inventory.  

Oxford could use more inventory! Do you expect a significant uptick in neighborhood developments within the next three years?

That is the truth. Oxford is so popular that I do not see a way for new developments to keep up with the demand. Every builder-developer in the market is cranking out as much as they possibly can, and we continue to see demand far outweigh supply. In my opinion, this will also keep the trend of raising prices rolling for the foreseeable future.

What are general rule-of-thumb questions to ask a Realtor before hiring him or her for their services? 

Generally speaking, a real estate purchase is one of, if not the largest, asset most people have. It is essential to make sure your agent knows how to navigate this extremely complicated process and has the experience needed to do so. Coupled with experience, it’s important to have an agent with a strong marketing and administrative team behind them to bring a property to market effectively and efficiently. At CCM, we have the best marketing team and more administrative help than anyone else in the market, which allows us to focus on the big picture of selling the property and taking first-class care of the client. 

Why should potential buyers and sellers choose to work with your company?

A person’s home is likely the biggest asset to own, so they should ensure they have a real estate professional who is dedicated to selling or buying using all the necessary skills that go along with that. Our Realtors are full time – we don’t employ part-time Realtors, which means potential clients can be assured their Realtor will be focused on the task at hand and satisfying the client’s wishes. We have more of the top Realtors working with us and the largest administrative staff to support them, so Realtors don’t get bogged down with paperwork. We are the highest-producing agency in the area and we’re ready to work hard and work smart for clients, both current and those new to the area.