By Allyson Duckworth
Pearly Peacock Design
Principle Designer 

There is a designer in all of us.  Creating spaces that reflect the individual is most rewarding. I often hear people say,” I am not creative.”  I beg to differ, I believe there is a creative spirit in all of us.  The medium may be different but we are all creative in the right environment.

To me, design  is reflection.  What makes design so difficult is its simplicity.  Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Design is knowing which ones to keep.  Much of my design is inspired by travel.  When I am able to experience foreign places and recognize elements that move me and influence my eye, that is when I’m most inspired.  Many times my clients have all of the right choices; they just need an editor to help pull the final look to completion.  Navigate their vision.

One way to start with designing a space is to find something that is important and meaningful to you.  A picture, a rug, a piece of furniture, or beloved artwork.  Something that has meaning to you begins the journey.  Use this element as the inspiration and centerpiece, the theme of your design.  This begins the journey.   Always remember to LIVE with what you LOVE.  Always remember your space should be a reflection of you.  

When designing a space,  a word that is used often by my clients is “overwhelming”.  Designing is making a lot of decisions.  Often my clients feel frustrated because they can not make a decision.  They feel it’s so permanent and they will make a mistake.  One thing to remember is that nothing is permanent.  Designing is a three dimensional puzzle.  Always anchor your space with something and begin building from your anchor.  Each layer has importance and is what leads to the next layer of decision making.  To prevent being overwhelmed, break up your spaces.  Complete one space at a time.  In the end it will all mesh if you are true to your style.  

The second misconception of designing is the affordability of a designer.  I often here
“I can’t afford you” before they know my rate even before I know the scope of work in inquiry.  No job is too small.  Often a one-hour consultation is all a client needs to move forward.  Never underestimate the advice and direction that can be gained in a simple one-hour meeting.  Some of the best advice I give to a client is to leave a space empty until your budget is available to do it the right way.  Don’t waste your budget with a “make do” element.  The best is always worth waiting for!

Details are important.  It is true that the “devil is in the details.”  The details are what make the design.  They are what differentiates a good space from a great space!  Also know there are no mistakes.  Sometimes mistakes are the portals to discovery.  The mistake can be the journey to the fabulous finished product.  When designing your space make sure it is a reflection of you!  When being true to your style you will never be unhappy with the space you design. Reflecting on you! In that your Design is magnificent.  

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