Styles courtesy of Pop Fizz, Village Tailor, and Hinton & Hinton.

Cool weather often takes a while to make its way south. To keep you fashionable as the temperature drops, we consulted Oxford’s tried and true trendsetters—both on and off the Square—for their take on the season’s best looks.

Look for luxe fabrics from velvet and corduroy to leather and fur. Patterns inspired by 70’s plaids and vintage florals add a visual texture of their own.

Warmth is the name of the game this season, from heavy fabrics to toasty color palettes. Look for muted mauve, maple, and butter rum highlighted with ballet slipper–pinks and grenadine reds. Neutrals like gray, navy, chocolate, and khaki ground these hues, and metallic fabrics—especially in silver—balance out all the earth tones.

For footwear, booties are bigger than ever this season. Finish off looks with retro hats, belted coats, and bold statement jewelry.


Many thanks to our collaborators: Paul Gandy (photographer), Alexandra Nicole (stylist); La Rousse (hair), Amy Head (makeup); Chancellor’s House (location); Ann Leighton Malouf, Missy Hewitt, Ali Hewitt, Ramey Bailey, and Connor Hegwood (models).