Alex McDaniel

Alex McDaniel

Part of our mission at Oxford Magazine is not only to tell stories about the city and its residents, but to appeal to what I jokingly call “the global Oxford,” an ever-growing community of ex-Oxonians and Ole Miss alums who remain invested in this town and interested in its growth and evolution.

There’s a reason why you can find the magazine on newsstands in a handful of Southern states these days as we expand our regional reach. Ultimately, we know Oxford is home to a lot of people, regardless of where they live. That’s why we don’t use geographical limits to determine a story’s relevance. Instead we ask, “What are Oxonians (or anyone who’s ever been rooted here for a significant period of time) interested in? What do they read? Where do they go? What do they care about?” It’s a commitment anchored to Oxford’s cultural significance as a creative mecca and how this (not-so-) small town in Mississippi reaches far beyond its physical borders.

Just ask Oxford’s own Elizabeth Heiskell, the creative force behind Debutante Farmer, who jets to New York and back several times a year as a contributor on NBC’s “Today” show. This month’s story by Ginny Cooper McCarley (p. 68) explores Heiskell’s career path and how she took a local brand to a national audience. This month’s cover story on Richard Scruggs (p. 76) takes an inside look at how he and his family have confronted the past 10 years, remaining active in the Oxford community with a strengthened commitment to serving the place they call home.

We also dive into the Delta with Bill DeJournett’s story on music tourism (p. 80) and how some visitors who’ve passed through the region decide to stay a while. And it wouldn’t be March without a trip to Jackson for the best St. Patrick’s Day parade in the South, along with Natalie West’s suggestions for how to spend your downtime in the capital city (p. 22).

There’s plenty more packed in this month’s issue. We hope you like it.


Alex McDaniel
Editor in Chief