Alex McDaniel

Alex McDaniel

Editor, Oxford Magazine

As we developed the concept for what Oxford Magazine should be – a smart, engaging monthly publication exploring anything and everything that makes our city one of the best in the South – we had one goal in mind: Find good stories. Tell good stories. Repeat.

And at a time when Oxford and Lafayette County are growing faster and thriving in ways like never before, it goes without saying there are plenty of good stories to be told.

This first issue is the culmination of months of brainstorming, planning and crafting the work of our outstanding contributors into one cohesive product.

Longtime Oxonians will enjoy Wright Thompson’s tribute to the late Coop DeVille and Beth Ann Fennelly’s amusing and heart-tugging justification for securing cemetery plots. Local foodies will find a lot to love in our food & drink section, along with this month’s feature on the undeniable influence Mississippi has had on Birmingham’s exploding culinary scene.

Last but not least, we hope you’ll take some time to dig into this month’s cover story featuring Emily Blount, the force behind one of the best restaurants to ever land in Oxford.

We can’t wait to spend the next year diving into the cultural richness of this community and what sets it apart from everywhere else.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride.