Alex McDaniel

Alex McDaniel

April was always my favorite month in Oxford as a college student, and not only because it signaled the end of another semester (though that was nice).

With baseball, beautiful weather and Double Decker, it’s essentially a month-long excuse to stay outside. Nothing wrong with that.

This month’s issue is all about harnessing the spirit of springtime as a time of renewal and reunion with the spring traditions we love within the community and across the state. Our festival guide (p. 23) features several spots you’ll want to check out to sample some of the best arts, food, wine, beer and music festivals across the region. If it’s inspiration you’re looking for, Christina Steube spent time with several local entrepreneurs and artisans creating products beloved by customers across the country and based right here in Mississippi (p. 30). And because spring just so happens to be the best time to take advantage of lazy afternoons on the city’s rooftops and balconies, be sure to read Jenna Mason’s column about one of those cherished spots (p. 42) and the people who make it so special.

Nobody does gas station food better than Mississippi. We peeked in on one thriving service station in the Delta (p. 84) where the food keeps customers coming back for more. You also won’t want to miss Davis Potter’s piece on what he found in Jake Gibbs’ basement (p. 94) or this month’s cover story on musician Charlie Mars (p. 74).

It’s going to be a beautiful season in Oxford. (If you need us, we’ll be outside.)


Alex McDaniel
Editor in Chief