By, Ellen Thomas 


Ellen Thomas.

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Ellen Thomas’ passion for event planning started at a young age. After graduating from the University of Mississippi in hospitality management, Ellen began her career in Nashville, Tennessee, where she planned weddings and corporate and music-industry events for some of the top music labels and artists in the United States. After four fun-filled years, she felt the call to come back home to Mississippi and start her own company. Thus, Ellen Thomas Event Design was born. With nearly 10 years of experience in the event industry, Ellen thrives off of the creativity and collaboration required in the fast-paced world of event design. She values her teammates, clients, vendors, family, and friends. Ellen is one of the leading event planners in the South. She is dedicated to bringing a cutting-edge vision to her designs.

 We caught up with Ellen to discuss her top reasons for hiring an Event Planner for your special day.

 To Create a Memorable Experience

There are so many components that go into planning a wedding. Choosing a venue, photographer, florist, caterer, and the various other vendors involved can be very overwhelming. Hiring a wedding planner cuts out so much unnecessary stress. Being engaged is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience! Couples can save so much time and focus on the fun stuff by letting a professional handle the hard work!

 To Bring the Clients’ Vision to Life

Wedding design has changed so much in the past five years. Details such as florals, rentals, lighting, and other installations  just  keep getting bigger and better. And with the presence of social media, couples can get flooded with photos, family comments, and different ideas. A wedding planner will help bring a couple’s vision to life and stay on budget while doing so.

 To Ensure Professional Vendors are Selected to Fit the Clients’ Needs

The wedding industry is growing rapidly every year, adding more and more vendors to the profession. With so many to choose from, a planner becomes a huge asset in helping find the best fit. Couples don’t need to spend hours searching for the right photographer or videographer. A wedding planner will have a list of reputable vendors they have worked with on previous events and can make recommendations. 

 To Take Care of the Little Details

Staying 5 steps ahead is our job as a wedding planner! There are so many little details behind the scenes that couples don’t even think about. From the vendor execution, to designing your timeline, and all the necessities in between, a wedding planner prioritizes those items to make sure nothing is overlooked.

 To Get the Best Value for Your Budget

The B word that we all hate….Budget! Who wouldn’t want to have an unlimited budget? But lets face reality, most couples have one. The most important thing when hiring a wedding planner is being honest with the budget from day one. A planner will help a couple stay on budget all while working with professional vendors to get the best value for the money spent.

 To Put Out Fires on Event Day

Social media has put a lot of pressure on weddings being perfect, but in reality life isn’t perfect. Bad weather occurs; vendors, bridal party or guests become sick. Luckily, a wedding planner is there to put out those fires without the couple even knowing they have taken place.

 Whether your event is big or small, simple or lavish, Ellen Thomas Event Design can help couples make their dream day come true! Check out Ellen’s services at Ellen can also be reached by telephone at 662.307.4404 or by email at