Author: Jenna Mason

Don’t Worry, Be Grumpy

Don't Worry, Be Grumpy 3 Jim Dees Contributing Editor Jim Dees is a writer and longtime host of Thacker Mountain Radio. He is the author of “The Statue and the Fury – A Year of Art, Race, Music and Cocktails” (Nautilus Press). The Christmas tree is fish habitat and your New Year’s resolutions lie strewn about, freshly broken and forgotten like a lost bet – so where does that leave us? We’re staring down a clean slate; sparkling new twelve months that represent possibilities of renewal, recharge, and reboot. The new year can be a fresh start and perhaps...

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King Cake & Chill

Carnival season just got 20% cooler. I’d heard of king cake before I moved to Mississippi, but I didn’t know anyone outside of New Orleans who actually participated in the tradition. Now, thanks to our great state’s proximity to Louisiana, I’ve enjoyed almost enough king cake in the past five years to make up for the previous three decades of king cake deprivation. Almost. Also in those five years, I’ve seen some real progress from Oxford on the king cake front. Inspired by a Saveur recipe that I’m sure came across my Facebook feed while I was procrastinating on...

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