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“In a place where creativity thrives, north Mississippi is teaming with makers, artists, designers and business owners who stay local while selling their products on a national level.”

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On Willie and Jim

Thinking of Willie and Jim one realizes that Jim was right. Yes, they are both dead, but thanks to the work of their lives, including these two new, wonderful books, they’ll never be gone.

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Made in Mississippi: Big-time companies with small-town roots

Home Sweet Home When it comes to remodeling, redecorating and revitalizing your home, we turned to the local experts . BY CHRISTINA STEUBE 3 TAYLOR WILKINSON DESIGNS A year ago, Taylor Wilkinson began her company by repurposing vintage pieces of jewelry. A grandmother’s broach or an aunt’s ring became necklaces or earrings for family members. This month, she’s launching her own collection of original designs. After attending several home shows featuring vintage pieces in Birmingham, Memphis and Oxford, she became inspired to create her own. “I had a box of my grandmother’s stuff and made myself a piece. That’s how it really started,” she said. Now, the Oxford native and Ole Miss alum has moved in a different direction from her vintage pieces. She’s designed her own creations, which will debut in April in a modern and art deco collection. Her pieces, created in Oxford and manufactured in New York City, are made from sterling silver and an 18 karat gold vermeil. The Fall 2017 collection features more than 100 items. “Last year, I started sketching pieces of my own, but I never thought it would become anything,” she said. “I met with the Mississippi Small Business Development Center on the Ole Miss campus and they acted as a mentor to me and offered amazing service and guidance in getting my business started.” Wilkinson will continue to make vintage...

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