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Heartbreak Coffee

On any given day, Gretchen Williams can be seen performing every important role at Heartbreak Coffee—roaster, marketer, barista, and occasionally, woodworker.

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A Home Built for Three

A Home Built for Three How one Oxford family transformed a lackluster home into one of the most spectacular in town BY JAKE THRASHER PHOTOS BY PAUL GANDY Hidden away off North Lamar Boulevard sits a modern home that reflects the uniqueness of the family that built it. Anne Marie and Bradley Gordon met in Hotdog Records after multiple failed attempts by Anne Marie to book Bradley, then known as DJ Gordo, for a party she was hosting at her store, Cicada. Anne Marie booked DJ Gordo for her event, and then they began going on dates. The fun-loving...

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Dickie Scruggs' journey from rock bottom to redemption

Here and Back Again: Dickie Scruggs It’s been nearly ten years since Richard “Dickie” Scruggs was indicted on judicial bribery charges that ended his law career, sent him to prison and left a community stunned. His return home, along with a renewed passion for serving Mississippi, has given the 70-year-old Gulf Coast native a second chance to change lives through the power of giving back. BY DAVID MAGEE PHOTOS BY BLAKE BELCHER 3 The fresh eggs are warm, and so is the young lady proudly displaying them in a basket. “Look at what we gathered,” the second-grader says, beaming...

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